AirAsia India announces FlyAhead service

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To offer services that empower guests with convenience, flexibility and comfort, AirAsia India today announced the launch of their new ancillary service, ‘FlyAhead’. With the ‘FlyAhead’ service, guests wishing to take an earlier flight will be able to seamlessly opt for this facility.

The ‘FlyAhead’ service has been launched for a nominal fee of INR 1,500 for guests booked on standard fares and INR 500 for guests booked on Corporate and SME fares. Guests who reach the airport six hours or more prior to their scheduled flight departure, can opt for the FlyAhead service at the AirAsia Airport Counter. Change fees, which are typically INR 3,000 would be waived for all guests opting for the AirAsia FlyAhead service and fare differences typically charged by airlines would also not be applicable.

Speaking about the initiative, Dr. Ankur Garg, Chief Commercial Officer, AirAsia India shared “AirAsia India has consistently developed innovative, future-proof solutions prioritising the ease and comfort of our guests. Led by our core value of being ‘Guest Obsessed,’ our latest offering ‘FlyAhead’ is a new ancillary service which provides guests a flexible and convenient option to reach their destination ahead of schedule. We are pleased to launch this initiative and hope to continue sparking delight and transforming travel experiences.”

Spread the information : Share this story with friends

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